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bio_rtd library is a python library for modeling residence time distributions (RTD) of integrated continuous biomanufacturing processes.


RTD models are based on volumetric flow rate and concentration profile.

Multiple process fluid components can be simulated. One can specify e.g. which components bind to the column, but (as for now) one cannot specify component specific binding properties.

Implemented unit operations can be simulated one by one. This allows easier workflow and faster evaluation. However, feedback process controls cannot be build on top of the model.

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For technical issues, bug reports and feature request use the issue tracker on Github.

If you are using the library in your projects please let us know. This way we know how much interest there is, what is the scope of usage, the needs, etc. This information influences the future development of the project.

E-mail: jure.sencar@boku.ac.at.

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